Saturday, February 18, 2006

they call it EU (EU my a**)

So we are part of European Union huh?! and we are living in the new age, the digital age, where you can organize everything through the network?! Well, I wanna argue with that. I couldn`t simply even book a plane ticket. You find this great deal 2 for the price of 1, then you click on "click here" and start booking. What a surprise, the price is still 2 for 2. I tried to do it in several different ways, and nothing. Finally I just called them, and a surprise again, they didn`t answer. I call an hour later, the nr is busy. I call again in 15 min, still busy. Then every 5 min, busy busy busy. Until the clock hits 5pm and the answermachine says, sorry we`re closed, call again tomorrow. And so I call again the next day, what a surprise, no one answers. and believe me, I didn`t call just once. I felt like hiting something!! fury!!! I don`t know whether it`s a problem of the airline or the Estonian office of that airline.
Anyway, guys, when you want to get a ticket on czech airlines, then simply call estravel agency.
And actually I wanted to make a point here. The point is that I`m leaving from Estonia!! yeehaaa!! I´m getting out of this grey area!!! I got a job in cyprus, and I`m not getting back before October, and then.....then we`ll see what happens next. So I probably won`t be posting anything about Sad Estonia anymore. I will do it in Happy- Cyprus- way ;) . Will create a new blog. and post the new link here later ;)

All the best to you all!!!