Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DON'T HIT KIDS. No seriously, they have guns now!

few days ago, on my way to the office, a bunch of Georgian kids started shooting small stones at me with their toy-guns. I got really pissed of cuz things like that aren't funny. If it's ok for a child to aim at a person and find it funny then what are they gonna do when they grow up?!
No wonder that Cypriots hate Georgians, most of them don't have any manners what so ever. Whenever I pass the street where only Georgians live I always hear whistling and loud commenting from men. I hate that so much!!!! feel like spitting in their faces! in mornings it's quiet there but after 5 when they all come home from work the street starts living like a nest of cockroaches. Just standing outside in groups, drinking and spitting, giving perfect examples to their children! So every day after work I have to go home from another street.
So with those kids....the more I got pissed off the more they started shooting at me. They followed me all the way to the work. I know they are just kids, but I felt like buying some kind of a gun myself. Hey,fathers and mothers of those children! Nice parenting!!! If I had seen the mother and said something then she would have probably just said "good job boys"!! hi5 smileys

Thursday, May 24, 2007

my bro..

..came to visit me :) . We hadn't seen each-other for 12 months and he hadn't changed a bit. Still me lil bro. Simple, sneaky, crazy, and sometimes annoying. He's 20...or 21.. not sure ;) damn. And still has a loooong way to go... hope he goes the right way tho. Everyone says that he's the Jalakas no.2 which means he's exactly just like my dad. And who knows my dad, knows what it means.
He went a bit crazy here in Cyprus...but at least he lived it all out,got rid of the Estonian stress.
Luv ya, bro!

Along with my brother came my best friend!!! Couldn't get any better.
I wish I could've showed them around a lot more. But we had problems with renting a car and so they didn't see all those magnificent places here :( .But my bro promised to start earning money for the next trip here, so next time then I hope.

I'm quite used to saying goodbye to the beloved ones...as it happens so many times a year in our family. But still..hugging my brother goodbye made me sad. And when I returned to my apartment after they had left...the place was so empty. And I felt empty as well, like I was left behind :( hi5 smileys
But now it's ok again. I like living alone!