Friday, March 16, 2007

A person is just about as big as the things that make them angry.

One thing I can't stand about these "hot-blooded" people here is how easily they get aggressive.

I witnessed one volleyball game here in Paphos. Things got pretty scary when the fans of the opposite team entered. If you can call it an entering. They just pushed themselves through the securities without paying for the entrance and breaking doors. they were all fighting with bouncers. And as there were not enough security guys, they just couldn't do anything about it. The group of fans were well organized with aggressive, insulting cheers. Some of the guys were calling others from our side to go outside for a fight. Luckily the security from our side weren't letting them out.
The whole game was all about shouting at each-other. No one focused on the game. Everyone were waiting for the end...the aim of the game was to go out and fight! it was really scary.
And the worst thing is....that all Cypriots have to be involved in all fights. I really hate that. Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with him, a Cypriot still has to go and see if anyone needs a hand. So as soon as they noticed that smth was going on at the back..they all started running and pushing through crowd. It was crazy!!!!!! at the end of the game I was relieved when they kept everyone inside until the fans of the other team had left. But still, the next day I saw on the news,that some of our guys had found the buss of those fans somewhere in town and thrown a big rock through the window injuring the driver.
damn I miss Estonians. They don't get involved, they don't care about strangers fighting. They rather laugh at those fighting fools. Ehhh...