Monday, January 29, 2007

Christmas in Paphos, alias " book vs. coffee"

Paphos is dead in winter...except the Christmas period, for 2 weeks, when all the students come home from Greece, England, Italy.

This is how you have to spend your day at christmas time if you are one of those students, or one of those who has been waiting for that hullabaloo of christmas in Paphos.

1. when you wake up, call your friends straight away to arrange the get-together in one of the popular coffeeshops
2. go for a coffee. PS! don't forget to dress up nicely,otherwise you won't mesure up to the crowd in the coffeeshop
3.go home for lunch, at the same time arrange the next coffee time.
4. It's a COFFEE TIME!!!
5.If you don't have much to talk about with your mates, play cards, gamble on a gamemachine or play some table games. That should take few hours.
if you get bored, change the coffee-shop, there are another bunch people to look at.
6. Go home for dinner, your mom is expecting you.
7. Now you can start drinking, go to a bar. PS! don't forget to change your clothes as there sure is someone who has already seen you earlier.
8. change bars
9. go to clubs, all of them.
10. and remember not to get too pissed or stay up too late cuz you have to go for a coffee in the morning!!!

One example: I was reading a book and i got a call from a cypriot: "what are you up to? lets go for a coffee" "naah..cant be bothered..I'm reading a book" "Doing what? a book? " my amazement...Cypriots don't read books, it's considered wierd.
So if you don't want to be a wierdo, GO FOR A COFFEE!!!

by the way, I think Cypriots (and Greeks in this case) have coffee running in their veins instead of blood.. that's why they are considered hotblooded

Friday, January 26, 2007

it's a lovely day!

And it really is...every day! (though i hate the word "lovely" ). I haven't written anything for a while because i couldn't find anything positive to write about. It's so wierd actually...there are so so sooo many critical aspects here. And yet I'm still loving it here. The sun is one of the reasons that keep me here. I wake up, I look out of the window... and I smile :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007