Thursday, August 23, 2007

one ticket to Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Germany-England-Cyprus please!

My best trip ever. (about a month ago)
So I flew from cyprus to germany, cuz my mom lives there. The next day the two crazy ladies (as her neighbours called us) took a car and started a drive-through-the-countries journey. Destination: Estonia.

Poland was the cruelest. Took 12h to pass it. it's huge and so ugly.
(damn, I'm starting with negative stuff...again. it's such a bad habbit. the story will probably end up with people asking "so what was so great about the trip then" like recently I've been getting comments like "why are u still in cyprus then?" ...I talk negatively. baaaaad!!!)anyway... the roads were the worst part,narrow and broken, and full of trucks. most of the time the speed was limited to 50...a village after village. one ended at the same place where the other one started. crazy. and if there was no village then there were road works. grrrrr.... The only nice part of Poland was the capital, beautiful.Polish people seemed poor and kind of stuck in their own worlds, only one out of 10 spoke english, even young people didn't know English.(I dont mean to offend anyone, but unfortunately thats the way it seemed to me)
Youth seemed a bit scary. Once when we stopped at the red light,two guys jumped infront of the car,started washing the windows, and didnt want to let us through. we got scared, they had all this hatred in their eyes, like they were going to break the window or smth.

Dead tired, not willing to stop in Poland, we finally made it to Lithuania. After few hours of sleep, and being sick and tired of driving slowly, my mom hit the gas. With no speedlimit signs we didnt even think about it. So the police stopped us at the 140km/h speed.... we didnt even notice. Damn. So to get away from all the court and license fuzz in a foreign country my mom managed to pribe them, paid 300 euros. Tough.

Lithuania and Latvia were beautiful and simple to pass. And finally, after 32h,there was our Estonia.
niiiiiiiice....felt gooooooood!
I hadnt been home for a year and a half. But we were there for only 6 days and strangely that was more than enough. Dont know why but I wanted to leave. Our road trip was more interesting than spending time in Estonia. I guess that showed that I dont want to go back there yet.

so we returned back to germany the same way we came. Full of fun with my mother. Telling jokes to keep each other awake while driving. Small arguements over who's turn it is to go and ask for directions. So considering the length (ca 5000 km) and the tense driving in Poland (and learning the new polish words on road signs like "vijazd,sjazd, objazd"), we could consider ourselves professional cross-country-drivers ;) , except the getting-cought part in Lithuania ofcourse.

From Germany I flew to London to see my dad, my sis, and to get a satisfaction from shopping. and after 2 days back to Cy.
The roadtrip was a true experience. In just 2 weeks I visited so many countries. And it was great to be in Est after 1,5 years
But it's nice to be back in Cyprus, and (as an answer to some people) I'm not going to leave this place that soon.

And who said I was leaving anyway? ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DON'T HIT KIDS. No seriously, they have guns now!

few days ago, on my way to the office, a bunch of Georgian kids started shooting small stones at me with their toy-guns. I got really pissed of cuz things like that aren't funny. If it's ok for a child to aim at a person and find it funny then what are they gonna do when they grow up?!
No wonder that Cypriots hate Georgians, most of them don't have any manners what so ever. Whenever I pass the street where only Georgians live I always hear whistling and loud commenting from men. I hate that so much!!!! feel like spitting in their faces! in mornings it's quiet there but after 5 when they all come home from work the street starts living like a nest of cockroaches. Just standing outside in groups, drinking and spitting, giving perfect examples to their children! So every day after work I have to go home from another street.
So with those kids....the more I got pissed off the more they started shooting at me. They followed me all the way to the work. I know they are just kids, but I felt like buying some kind of a gun myself. Hey,fathers and mothers of those children! Nice parenting!!! If I had seen the mother and said something then she would have probably just said "good job boys"!! hi5 smileys

Thursday, May 24, 2007

my bro..

..came to visit me :) . We hadn't seen each-other for 12 months and he hadn't changed a bit. Still me lil bro. Simple, sneaky, crazy, and sometimes annoying. He's 20...or 21.. not sure ;) damn. And still has a loooong way to go... hope he goes the right way tho. Everyone says that he's the Jalakas no.2 which means he's exactly just like my dad. And who knows my dad, knows what it means.
He went a bit crazy here in Cyprus...but at least he lived it all out,got rid of the Estonian stress.
Luv ya, bro!

Along with my brother came my best friend!!! Couldn't get any better.
I wish I could've showed them around a lot more. But we had problems with renting a car and so they didn't see all those magnificent places here :( .But my bro promised to start earning money for the next trip here, so next time then I hope.

I'm quite used to saying goodbye to the beloved it happens so many times a year in our family. But still..hugging my brother goodbye made me sad. And when I returned to my apartment after they had left...the place was so empty. And I felt empty as well, like I was left behind :( hi5 smileys
But now it's ok again. I like living alone!

Monday, April 30, 2007


I got stuck in an elevator this morning, for the first time in my life. I thought it only happens in movies. I didn't get scared or anything, It's a small 3-story building,so it wouldn't crash or anything else alike to the things in movies. I was only worried about being late for work.
Anyway, the most annoying thing about this being-stuck-in-a-lift adventure was the fact (just like in movies) that there is no phone reception in there (Murphy). And yet they have the number on the wall to call. And also a ring button to get attention but of course none of my neighbors got out of their flats to see what the hell is that annoying ring coming from the lift!!??
I managed to send few messages to some people who might be able to come and rescue me. But again no one noticed the messages in time (Murphy). who was sleeping, who was working, etc. Then I tried to call the nr on wall again, and it worked, I got some reception. Of course they didn't hear me properly but luckily they heard me just enough to understand that someone is stuck in a lift in Paradise Gardens 4. And when they asked for my name, the call ended cuz of no reception. and right after that my phone's battery got empty (again that Murphy).
So after 45 minutes of being stuck in a lift, I was rescued. And then the people I sent messages to, started calling. Nice. At least I'm having an interesting day! Just like in movies.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Someone's boring me. I think it's me"

And so we decided not to be boring and bored. We got the best costumes in town, took our good mood and friends with us, and went completely crazy at the parade in Limassol.

I think I have never had that much fun in my life! crowd of people jumping,dancing,singing. Especially our group! we had the funniest costumes, won the first prize!
"he who laughs,lasts!" And we lasted till the end! the distance between the parade's start point and the end was quite long, took us about 1,5 h. And all that way we had to be full of energy...jumping,singing,smiling. So at the end we were feeling completely energy left, we gave it all away. and it was worth it!

We just fell on the first pavement we found and waited for our transport.

I've never been that tired but yet satisfied

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Guess who caught a cold?! I managed to catch it in a warm 24-degree Cypriot weather. How is that possible? You wanna try and beet me!?
Hope I will get better in the weekend, expecting a bunch of Estonians to come to Cyprus. And everyone knows what that means, CRAZY TIMES!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A person is just about as big as the things that make them angry.

One thing I can't stand about these "hot-blooded" people here is how easily they get aggressive.

I witnessed one volleyball game here in Paphos. Things got pretty scary when the fans of the opposite team entered. If you can call it an entering. They just pushed themselves through the securities without paying for the entrance and breaking doors. they were all fighting with bouncers. And as there were not enough security guys, they just couldn't do anything about it. The group of fans were well organized with aggressive, insulting cheers. Some of the guys were calling others from our side to go outside for a fight. Luckily the security from our side weren't letting them out.
The whole game was all about shouting at each-other. No one focused on the game. Everyone were waiting for the end...the aim of the game was to go out and fight! it was really scary.
And the worst thing is....that all Cypriots have to be involved in all fights. I really hate that. Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with him, a Cypriot still has to go and see if anyone needs a hand. So as soon as they noticed that smth was going on at the back..they all started running and pushing through crowd. It was crazy!!!!!! at the end of the game I was relieved when they kept everyone inside until the fans of the other team had left. But still, the next day I saw on the news,that some of our guys had found the buss of those fans somewhere in town and thrown a big rock through the window injuring the driver.
damn I miss Estonians. They don't get involved, they don't care about strangers fighting. They rather laugh at those fighting fools. Ehhh...