Thursday, November 23, 2006

12.30 .. You must be joking!

At first when i came here i was negatively surprised about so many things... some examples...

1. Banks and postoffices are open monday-friday only till 12.30 ...but i like to sleep long...
Shops up in a town (paphos is devided in 2, kato-paphos and pano-paphos, up and down) are closed on wednesday and saturday afternoons (after 12.30) and closed all sundays ofcourse. stupid...not local... went walking up to the town ( which is like 30 min) to do some shopping on wednesday........ oh i was so angry! what's up with those wednesdays?

2. they don't make money transfers here! you can't pay your bills through transfers. i dont know if they even have internet bank here, as i never needed an account here. normally when you get paid they give you a check and you have to go to a bank with that....and banks are open till 12.30 ONLY, as i already mentioned.... it's like an evil ring against me. and if you wanna pay your electricity bill you have to go up to the a place which a person like me is not likely to you have to get someone local to come with you. pay the have to go to 'where the hell i know' ...and that place is ofcourse open only till 12.30. and as a rule of humanity everybody leave paying their bills to the last minute, right?! so can you imagine...there is only one place to pay that damn bill and there's always too many people who wanna pay it at the same time as me. so can you imagine those cues???!!!! my god!! everytime i'm there i say to myself...'when r u people gonna come out of stone age'?

3.the transportation. there is an inside town busline, the last bus is 8 in the evening...luckily. But to get outside of the have to take travel express. it's like 'marsa' or 'marsruut takso' in tallinn. anyway they are small bus taxis... but you have to call them and book a seat first!!! nice huh?! and they don't go everywhere...only to some closer, bigger towns. for example you can't go to Ayia Napa. And yet it's not so far,only 2 hours of car drive. The only way is to go to some travel agency which organises bus tours.
Basically...if you live in Cyprus , and you don't have a are fucked! (sorry for the choice of words).

so many things that make me wonder how the hell did Cyprus get in EU?!

But when you are here for 7 get used to it...
There's more pros than cons

Thursday, November 16, 2006

and so, here i am..

I finally got out of my lazyness and decided to continue writing...about my views of life...right here, right now...(that is in Cyprus at the moment). And also adding those spectacular views of my camera. And i have to apologise for my language mistakes in future as my English has gone from 'great' to 'not so great'. That's a result of communicating in Cypriot English. Yes that's right..they have their own English here. Especially the written one, they write like they hear. instead of cooking it may be cuking. instead of surprise it's saprise. Come=cam. no is always confused with know. knew can be new. they make the shower..not take. I could go on and on.
Anyway, to make the long intro short ... It's just great here, guys!!!!'s amazing!!!!!! The beauty, oh the beauty. it's limitless. The place on the photo was my first oh-my-god-place. And ofcourse there's much more to come. So...till the next entry!