Monday, April 30, 2007


I got stuck in an elevator this morning, for the first time in my life. I thought it only happens in movies. I didn't get scared or anything, It's a small 3-story building,so it wouldn't crash or anything else alike to the things in movies. I was only worried about being late for work.
Anyway, the most annoying thing about this being-stuck-in-a-lift adventure was the fact (just like in movies) that there is no phone reception in there (Murphy). And yet they have the number on the wall to call. And also a ring button to get attention but of course none of my neighbors got out of their flats to see what the hell is that annoying ring coming from the lift!!??
I managed to send few messages to some people who might be able to come and rescue me. But again no one noticed the messages in time (Murphy). who was sleeping, who was working, etc. Then I tried to call the nr on wall again, and it worked, I got some reception. Of course they didn't hear me properly but luckily they heard me just enough to understand that someone is stuck in a lift in Paradise Gardens 4. And when they asked for my name, the call ended cuz of no reception. and right after that my phone's battery got empty (again that Murphy).
So after 45 minutes of being stuck in a lift, I was rescued. And then the people I sent messages to, started calling. Nice. At least I'm having an interesting day! Just like in movies.

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