Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DON'T HIT KIDS. No seriously, they have guns now!

few days ago, on my way to the office, a bunch of Georgian kids started shooting small stones at me with their toy-guns. I got really pissed of cuz things like that aren't funny. If it's ok for a child to aim at a person and find it funny then what are they gonna do when they grow up?!
No wonder that Cypriots hate Georgians, most of them don't have any manners what so ever. Whenever I pass the street where only Georgians live I always hear whistling and loud commenting from men. I hate that so much!!!! feel like spitting in their faces! in mornings it's quiet there but after 5 when they all come home from work the street starts living like a nest of cockroaches. Just standing outside in groups, drinking and spitting, giving perfect examples to their children! So every day after work I have to go home from another street.
So with those kids....the more I got pissed off the more they started shooting at me. They followed me all the way to the work. I know they are just kids, but I felt like buying some kind of a gun myself. Hey,fathers and mothers of those children! Nice parenting!!! If I had seen the mother and said something then she would have probably just said "good job boys"!! hi5 smileys


+apis22 said...

Dear God! I didn't know that there are Georgians in Cyprus!
You have to be careful;
1) they consider women as inferior to men,
2) Georgian mafia is one of the cruelest in Europe and
3) their literacy rate is similar to that of a Third World country.

You did a great job finding an alternative way to your work!

My advice is avoid them and notify a colleague about their behaviour. Most important stop thinking as a European i.e. "I will protest to their mothers of their impolite kids". This kind of thinking is of no use.

Now, if you could find a Taser...

Elli said...

Actually the cypriot georgians are not that dangerous. because they want to live here and be part of the people.a lot of them are ashamed to say where are they from...so they just say that they are greeks. but most of them are just very lame.
Luckily they dont do crime here,no killing,no raping etc.mayb some minor steeling. I find Cyprus a very safe place to live actually. Estonian Russians are much more scary and dangerous.

do you keep a blog?

+apis22 said...

When I read that "...are ashamed to say where are they from...so they just say that they are greeks" I thought of the bad impression they could give to foreigners regarding us Greeks. :-(

Is criminality in Cyprus lower than Estonia? I 've never been to Estonia but my friends told me it is a rather peaceful country. Beyond the recent violent demonstrations related to the statue of the communist soldier, I have got the image of a peaceful Scandinavian country.

No, unfortunately I don't keep a blog. I would like to start one along with my friends since I cannot contribute daily. Now if we could just agree what language we were going to use. :-))

Elli said...

Unfortunately the crime rate is very high in Estonia. Ofcourse it also depends on the part of the country. it's higher in towns and in eastern part of Estonia, and cuz of russians again. and it realy is so, most of the crimes are done by russians. im not saying it in a racist way cuz I am myself half russian. it's just a sad fact.
They steel loads of cars, they rape (i'm always afraid to walk alone on tallinn's streets in evenings, but here im not, the assholes here just whistle a bit, stop with the car and try to talk to you...but if you dont pay attention to them, they go away, russians in est are very aggressive on the other hand. they get pissed off if you ignore them) they kill, they rob. Here the only crimes are driving fast and drinking...and fighting...that's all.

+apis22 said...

I am slightly surprised regarding the criminality rate in Estonia. I 've read about the British and their "stag parties" and the Russian minority and their problems. Still I could not imagine that it would not be safe for a girl to walk alone in Tallinn.

In Greece we managed to contain British (who want drink, fight, make raucus) into all-inclusive vacation packages. They can drink and fight all day long inside their hotels.

In another vacation area -close to my hometown- we managed to attract British families that have a totally peaceful attitude. And the locals there are very polite and formal unless you mess with them. Then they can become ... unfriedly. ;-)

Regarding Athens, although we do have a minor problem with illegal immigrants, one can see young girls -late at night- going to bars, clubs or restaurants with or without a male friend. It is considered natural and nobody is afraid.

Perhaps we are lucky... very lucky.

Mika said...

So what's the reason that keeps you in Cyprus? ;p

Elli said...

just the good feeling being here. I was in estonia for a week....aand I couldnt wait to get back to cy... yeap. Im just not done with cyprus yet.

Shady said...

what's so wonderful in Cyprus? why i can't feel it? ;p

Elli said...

i guess because different people like different things, δεν ειναι?!

info said...

maybe...but i believe you have the same feeling for your country anw...