Thursday, August 23, 2007

one ticket to Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Germany-England-Cyprus please!

My best trip ever. (about a month ago)
So I flew from cyprus to germany, cuz my mom lives there. The next day the two crazy ladies (as her neighbours called us) took a car and started a drive-through-the-countries journey. Destination: Estonia.

Poland was the cruelest. Took 12h to pass it. it's huge and so ugly.
(damn, I'm starting with negative stuff...again. it's such a bad habbit. the story will probably end up with people asking "so what was so great about the trip then" like recently I've been getting comments like "why are u still in cyprus then?" ...I talk negatively. baaaaad!!!)anyway... the roads were the worst part,narrow and broken, and full of trucks. most of the time the speed was limited to 50...a village after village. one ended at the same place where the other one started. crazy. and if there was no village then there were road works. grrrrr.... The only nice part of Poland was the capital, beautiful.Polish people seemed poor and kind of stuck in their own worlds, only one out of 10 spoke english, even young people didn't know English.(I dont mean to offend anyone, but unfortunately thats the way it seemed to me)
Youth seemed a bit scary. Once when we stopped at the red light,two guys jumped infront of the car,started washing the windows, and didnt want to let us through. we got scared, they had all this hatred in their eyes, like they were going to break the window or smth.

Dead tired, not willing to stop in Poland, we finally made it to Lithuania. After few hours of sleep, and being sick and tired of driving slowly, my mom hit the gas. With no speedlimit signs we didnt even think about it. So the police stopped us at the 140km/h speed.... we didnt even notice. Damn. So to get away from all the court and license fuzz in a foreign country my mom managed to pribe them, paid 300 euros. Tough.

Lithuania and Latvia were beautiful and simple to pass. And finally, after 32h,there was our Estonia.
niiiiiiiice....felt gooooooood!
I hadnt been home for a year and a half. But we were there for only 6 days and strangely that was more than enough. Dont know why but I wanted to leave. Our road trip was more interesting than spending time in Estonia. I guess that showed that I dont want to go back there yet.

so we returned back to germany the same way we came. Full of fun with my mother. Telling jokes to keep each other awake while driving. Small arguements over who's turn it is to go and ask for directions. So considering the length (ca 5000 km) and the tense driving in Poland (and learning the new polish words on road signs like "vijazd,sjazd, objazd"), we could consider ourselves professional cross-country-drivers ;) , except the getting-cought part in Lithuania ofcourse.

From Germany I flew to London to see my dad, my sis, and to get a satisfaction from shopping. and after 2 days back to Cy.
The roadtrip was a true experience. In just 2 weeks I visited so many countries. And it was great to be in Est after 1,5 years
But it's nice to be back in Cyprus, and (as an answer to some people) I'm not going to leave this place that soon.

And who said I was leaving anyway? ;)


+apis22 said...

"Vijazd,sjazd, objazd"

Hahahaha!!! :-))
Welcome back!

Shady said...

good to have you back in cy!

FROM: "Some people" ;p

Jens-Olaf said...

As for Poland. The most scenic landscapes are in the North (Baltic Coast) or East, you could see landscape structures from Europe that are not existing anymore in Germany for example. I mean the small patchwork of fields. Or southern Poland with Crakow or the Tatra mountains with its special architecture of wooden houses.

RandomShit said...

Well i hope you had a good time..i have been to many places in Eurp...and if smbdy asks me abt the place and people in answer would be Austria and Austrians.